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About MultiplyWesa

Powerful & Progressive 2x4 Team Matrix Cycler.

Multiply WESA Is An Amazing Advertising and Income Opportunity That Allows YOU To Turn $3 into $1,000 Again & Again, WHERE EVERYONE EARNS NO MATTER WHEN YOU START!
Powerful & Progressive 2x4 Team Matrix Cycler
No Sponsoring or Referring Required to Earn!

WESA Tokens are one of the currencies used in We Share Abundance (the other is the WESAbundance Token), a community dedicated to the mission of banishing poverty on a global scale.. WESA Tokens are unique and were only created in April 2020.

Little known to people outside the We Share Abundance community WESA have increased in value by an incredible 10,000% in under 12 months and are forcast to increase to 4 figures each in the coming 12 months. This alone makes holding WESA (HODL) a wise move; but now, with the Multiply WESA opportunity providing 300% Passive Income PLUS additional income from a 2 x 4 forced matrix system WESA is coming of age. Multiply WESA is a site selling high quality advertising to a targeted market and it shares the profits with members in what is designed to be the easiest way for anyone to make a strong income. Watch the video alongside for a brief overview.

Our Community

Is a loving group of people who have come together to help make this world a better place and we would love you to join us FREE at We Share Abundance. Not only can you earn WESA Tokens as a member but you can also increase your holdings by staking WESA Tokens for a minimum return of 50% a month and this in turn creates wealth that we can use for charitable works. Did I mention that every member of We Share Abundance can earn FREE WESA Tokens simply by logging into their account once a day? This is 99% Passive Income and it takes well under 5 minutes a day.

Unique WESA

WESA is unique because built into its "DNA" is the fact that it has a very limited supply of only 20,000 new tokens issued each month; this is a major factor in its growth in value in the marketplace and one of the reasons it is likely to continue rising in value. Today (March 16th. 2021) it is trading for about $100 each which is a 10,000% increase since launched in April 2020. Just Imagine earning $1,000 in multiply WESA this month and seeing that growing to anywhere between $10,000 and $100,000 (maybe more) by this time next year! This is 100% Passive Growth.

Revenue Sharing

Quality advertising to targeted prospects is one of the most lucrative areas of business online today. It is why Facebook and Google have become multi-billion dollar concerns. It is a massive marketplace and you can now share in the profits here at Multiply WESA. For every dollar you use to purchase advertising from us we will share our profits with you until you have received $3 back. You earn the revenue share every day that you log in. That is 99% Passive Income.

Matrix Profits

Our 2 x 4 Matrix system allows the ambitious member an ability to earn unlimited income, and is designed to make it a simple, easy process for anyone to earn around $1,000 a month. Even members who have no desire to refer others benefit because they receive matrix entries when they buy advertising which entitles them to the revenue sharing. In addition there is always a chance of spillover and spillunder from those who choose to greatly enhance their income by referring others.

our Services

We Provide High Qualaity Targeted Advertising

Available in several different formats, all at cost effective pricing, including....

Banner Ads

Strategically placed throughout our website, you know that when someone clicks your banner they have an interest in your offer.

Text Ads

Seen by all our members and allowing you to briefly explain your offer, elimiating time wasters and getting you high returns.

Log In Ads

Widely accepted as the most effective form of advertising. Members see a full page advert from you and read it for at least 12 seconds and so you have a great chance to capture their attention with a well designed splash page. ROI in this type of ad is considered to be the best in the industry.

Simple Getting Started Steps

Input your WESA wallet address in your profile (this is where we will send your earnings), Fund your account, Purchase the $3 matrix, The system will then purchase the remaining matrices for you up to the level that you have funded Make sure you whitelist and set up your gmail account to �never to spam� the emails from us

We make it happen

Our Compensation Plans

Designed to be the easiest way to make money online for anyone from absolute novice to experienced marketer...

About WESA

Below you can see WESA Performance

Compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum. Do you see a pattern there? Slow steady growth followed by a peak, then a drop in value and finally more growth leading to a large and maintained rise in value. This peak and drop took Bitcoin 8 years, Ethereum 4 years, but WESA has compressed this into just 12 months and is now set for a very bright future.

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