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Hi my name is Miro and after 11 days I make my first withdraw and in about 5 hours I got approve and paid. The support team is fast and answered my questions in less them 12 h. I like option Free PIF and I am a proud sponsor to 5 my down-liners give them 3usd so they can start with the program and be part of the family. And now is up to them to continue with the program. Thank you very much and have a great day.


2021-04-12 17:45:21


2021-04-04 18:04:35

This is really an amazing platform, I am satisfied with the ads reach.

Multiply wesa is the best, I love it


2021-04-01 09:19:23


2021-04-09 18:03:59

It's been one big smile to another. From weshareabundance to Multiply wesa. The income is amazing. There is no other way to fight poverty on a large scale than this. I live you Graham. God bless WSA and MW

Hello Dear all,

I am Furkan Ahmed from Pakistan, i am the member of WESA community since August 2020. Further, after launch of multiply wesa the value of wesa in is getting stable, current valuse of wesa is 109 USDN.

Therefore, i recommend to invest your money is wesa considering its value and future growth.

Thanks & Regards
Furqan Ahmed


2021-04-13 00:05:38
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