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great advertising and profit plan


2021-03-24 15:59:58


2021-04-04 18:28:33

Hello Everyone,
My name is Chigbo Chibuikem Anthony from Nigeria.
I joined We Share Abundance about six months ago I refused to join with my own money. I had to grow the $2 I was given and guess what I have been able to stake in pool 1 to 6 and still have balance of up to $50 in my wesa wallet with just 8referals.
I joined Multiply your Wesa 3hours after it was lunched with just the little $10 I had then (5days ago), but I have been able to make up to $70 there. If it were possible to upload pics here I would have shown you all. I have a whatsapp group for Members of We share Abundance who wish to be guide in any registerion and for latest information too. In case you want to join or ask more questions chat me up with my WhatsApp number: 07080786718 and I would guide you.

Just earn $2.20 over the night! Pretty good for a $3 invest!


2021-03-31 01:42:32


2021-04-13 01:46:26

Wow ... I love multiply wesa .. it rocks

Yesoooo. I am glad I joined. I have started earning and it makes me happy. Thank you


2021-04-12 17:11:48
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